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construct a "virtual term" out of a cluster of terminals
written in August, 2002

Termfusion itself is a 440 lines long perl module. In each terminal that should be part of the "virtual term" you have to start a simple echo server that is written in C. (I have created binaries of the echo server for ppc, sparc and i386 in this directory for your convenience.)

There are some example programs, among others:

makes large letters (using figlet) of the input string and lets it scroll horizentally over all connected terminals.
lets scroll the contents of a file and follows as the file grows. Much like "tail -f" but over several terminals.
is a port of worm-guide (see below) to termfusion. Play Nibbles on a huge field consisting of terminals on multiple monitors! (Unfortunately I did not make a photo of me playing worm-guide on 8 monitors in the rooms of the Entropia.)

I even started to integrate termfusion as a display driver for the very cool aalib but that work was never completed (as integrating a perl interpreter into a library is a very crude hack and really not a huge fun to debug).


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