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a tiny gpl'ed nibbles clone written in Perl
presumedly written in August, 2002

This is a proof that you can do much with only one line of perl code. It has a sweet animation in the beginning, an array-based level engine and even the worm is animated! Okay, the "milestone 23" is 2722 bytes large but it does not contain any newline and is entirely written using Eterm as "editor / development environment". worm-guide uses a simple worm engine that I've written.


worm guide animation worm guide welcome screen worm guide level 3


  • You need Term::ReadKey for it to run. (The corresponding package is called "libterm-readkey-perl" in Debian. But alternatively you can just put into your worm_guide directory.)
  • You need to copy 'n paste the contents of to a terminal; you cannot just call it by "perl" or "./".
  • If that sweet animation gets on your nerves you can disable it by calling worm-guide with "noani" as its first parameter.
  • There is a port of worm-guide to termfusion called fusionworm; see above under termfusion.
  • The version of Nibbles I played all day years ago is "QBasic Nibbles" by the Microsoft Corporation. Here are some screenshots:

    a nibble screenshot the introduction screen yet another nibble screenshot

    (I've taken the screenshots from this "Oldies 4 Ever"-page.)


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